2005-09-07 04:30 - Sztorm: Ragnaros is down baby!!!

Yeah thats correct after months of constant farming Luci - Domo we finaly downed Lord of Molten Core, Lieutenant of Old Gods, so called Immortal (maybe he was faking last nite) Ragnaros. Like always he was pissed we visited him but this time we had a reason. To be honest he had that coming long time. Only totally fucked up Blizzard servers stopped us last week. Great job to all who were present on our first Rag kill. 37% (some sources say it was 36) before first sons its really great achievement. Last 10% were kinda nervous and we were like --omfg die die!!-- but he bites the dust now so everything was OK. We had Wrath and 10 Storms pants, insanely looking Crown of Destruction and some neat warriors cape from our 1st kill. Not bad id say.

Video of Ragnaros will be soon available for download for all those who wanna --be there and feel that atmosphere one more time--. I will update this news item with link to it.

EDIT: Link to movie is here

Now its time to start some rumble in BWL. Prepare for loads of wipes. Farm money for repairs youre gonna need it believe me. Next goal is to learn and kill Razorgore in maximum 2 weeks no more.

2005-08-03 16:52 - Sztorm: Changes and long term goals

Few changes has been made that were announced on boards. Most of them apply since yesterdays raid some (like change in weekly donation) will go live from next week. Please read about them on our boards

Speaking of our long term goals. Our main priority and goal #1 is to take down ragnaros. To do so everyone must be equipped with hell loads of fire rez items. Trick is not too loose attack power and HP at the same time. Thats why we must farm MC even after all bosses are down to farm fiery/lava cores since we need HUGE ammount of both to equip you guys. Another thing is to learn rag tactics. Follow links from our boards and learn the positioning.

2005-07-21 13:20 - Sztorm: Black Dragon is a Dead Dragon

Yeah yesterday (or was it today) we got rid of onyxia once and for all (well actually for 5 days only). It was a long and great fight and we were happy like never sending her to hell.

Gratz to all the peeps present at the kill and to all those who had to leave before we killed her, you helped us a lot with learning her.

Gratz to Nivellen for his awsome new Helm of Wrath (i wish i got that), to Teo for Dragonstalker Helm, Eli for Eskhanders Collar and to Blackslayer proud winner of her Head!

Now we can focus on learning BWL and maybe some attempts on Ragnaros after were done with collecting fire rez items.

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