Grim Howl was found by Sztorm and Nebulus in late 2004. Despite our previous MMORPG experience and clans/guilds created back then we have decided to start everything from scratch thus Grim Howl is an exclusive World of Warcraft clan. Few months after European start we merged our forces with Ravenous led by Shilliash and Rikus creating one of the main forces on Burning Blade server. We try to implement all the best of our ideas and we hope our previous MMORPG experience benefits in lands of Azeroth.

We are an international guild with members from all across the Europe. We have representatives from Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Portugal, England and more.

In Grim Howl we try to balance both PvE and PvP aspects of the game. However we think that PvE aspect in World of Warcraft has more to offer and at the moment it is our priority.

Why have we chosen Horde you may ask? The answer is fairly easy. We find playing as the Horde much more challenging and much more fun besides we simply dislike the Alliance gently speaking and last but not least Stormwind is really crappy and bad looking city thus it deserves to be destroyed. Period.

What is so special about us? Well we play World of Warcraft for fun. We're all friends (sometimes even RL friends) who love to spend time online with each other. It does not mean we're some care bears, no way. It's exactly the opposite. We consider ourselves rather hard core but at the same time we remember it is just a game and it is meant to give us as much fun as we can get thus we do everything we can to keep our community as close as it can be.

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