Here is our honor code and what we believe to be morally Right and Wrong.

Technical Issues

We will never use any cheats/hacks including bots
We will report any bug/exploit discovered
We will never ever take advantage of any in-game bug discovered

Breaking any of these points will result in immediate clan banish

Social Issues

We will never grief in any way
Clan mate is above any other
We put clan matters above personal matters
We do not ninja loot. If anyone breaks this rule on some outside raid/party and we're absolutely sure its true it will result in clan banish.

Major Raid attendance

Forming raid group begins half hour before scheduled raid start and takes 15 minutes. After 15 minutes all signed members must be already in raid group. Being late without previous notification may result in GP deduction. this timeframe gives us about 15 minutes for all members to reach our destination (including all problems we may approach like resistance on our way it should be more than enough). All raid members must be at starting point otherwise they may loose their spot in raid.

Looting rules

Only raid leader or person that is assigned to it may loot corpse. No one is allowed to do that. Violation of this rule will be punished if it happens permanently. We use free for all loot system.

Ninja loot on blue BoP = -20 GrimPoints (members with 20 and less points will go negative which will had to be worked out). Further violation of this rule will result in clan banish.

Ninja loot on epic BoP = immediate clan banish.

Looting corpse while at least one raid member is down is considered ninjalooting as well and will be punished unless dead member does not respond on at least 3 ressurection attempts (AFK) or theres no possibility to ressurect him before the corpse disappears.

After opening boss corpse and passing raid leader starts the rolling/bidding process (depends on raid which will be explained later on). He/she links the item and asks for roll/bid. No other communication on raid chat is allowed during a process. Winner takes the item and if theres more loot inside process starts again until corpse is empty.

Green BoE's are being rolled using ingame roll system by all members.

Minor raids
Stratholme, Scholomance, Upper Blacrock Spire

We use one bossloot/person rule. Bossloot is every blue or above BoP item. Theres no such thing as taking bossloot without counting it as one. You either need it and take it as your bossloot or not. Of course there is a possibility of takin 2 items considered as boss loot from one run but it can happen only when person took one bossloot before and noone needs another one. We roll on bossloots using /random 100 roll.


The Beast drops Cloak. Shaman X wants it but he doesnt wanna waste his bossloot on it saving it for Vest of Elements from Drakki later on. He now has 2 options.

1. He takes the cloak (rolls on it) which blocks his roll on Vest.

lets assume he won it. His bossloot is blocked but drakki drops the vest and theres no shaman who wants it. He can take it. When theres anyone who wants it he cannot roll on it

2. He decides not to participate in roll. Noone else rolls item is goin to echanter for disenchant. No exception from this rule.

All blue and above BoE's are collected by Raid Leader. If theres anyone that will use the item he/she can roll on it. All unwanted blue BoE's are sent to Grimkeeper and thread in loot forums is being made with raid loot info (ex. UBRS 30.05.2005 - drops: blue X, blue Y,etc.) Anyone who wants the item bids on it on forums using GrimPoints. After 48 hours the bidding is closed and highest bidder gets the item on his/her mailbox. If there is more than 1 person with the same bid (1 point for instance) there will be roll for that item after 48 hours. If theres a person that needs it and has 0 points he/she can still get it if noone else needs it.

Recipes and spellbooks goes to whoever has the most points or whoever can use it right away and they cost 0 points.

If no one claims a recipe, it will be kept by someone and spammed to /g occasionally for a few days until someone who needs it gets it.

Major raids
Azuregos, Kazzak, Molten Core, Onyxia, Blackwing Lair

During Major Raids we use GrimPoints. When a BoP item drops it is bid on by anyone who wants it and can use it. If its an item one class will benefit more from this class has the priority if all peeps form that class has it anyone can bid and Whoever bids the highest wins. If no one with points wants the drop, we ask people without points (or negative points). If they don't want it, it is disenchanted. The bidding process is done very quickly on /raid. When all members bided Raid Leader announces the highest bid and winner.

MC trade goods goes to Grimkeeper. MC's epic BoE's are handled the exact same way as during minor raids with one exception. Raid members dont roll for BoE but bid for it the same way they bid for BoPs.

Recipes and spellbooks goes to whoever has the most points or whoever can use it right away and they cost 0 points.

If no one claims a recipe, it will be kept by someone and spammed to /g occasionally for a few days until someone who needs it gets it.

GrimPoint rewards:


azuregos - 1p for being present - 2p (additional) for kill
kazzak - 1p for being present - 2p for kill


Onyxia - 1p for being present - 3p for kill
Molten Core - 1p for being present - 1p for boss kill
Blackwing Lair - 1p for each hour spent inside - 1p for boss kill

Backup groups for major raids

If you weren't selected to main raid group you can decide to stay in backup group. Everytime we go on major raid we announce Backup keeper - person which is responsible for checking if backup peeps are online or on vent. You have to PM him to be dragged to backup group. Backup group receives the same amount of points as the main raid group.

1p for each hour spent
1p for each boss kill

Being in backup group you have to be online or have to be present on ventrilo. If someone bails backup group members will replace that person. Raid leader will decide who it will be. If you leave backup group before the raid is over points will stop counting.

Below there are 3 criteria of ruling backup membership:

a) Being in backup on previous raid exclude you form backup team on another,
b) if rule above can't decide, RL check who have most points GP and ppl with most points are
    assigned to raid with priority
c) last criteria is that ppl who took item on last raid are automatically assigned to backup

Cirteria c) will be used only if using rule a) and b) can't decide about backup.

Only persons who are at the meeting point on time, are present during forming a raid by raid leader and meet all other raid requirements can become member of raid backup. Backup is reserved only for those who meet all raid requirements but for some reasons can't be invited to raid. Signing to backup on boards is not allowed.

Behavour on Raids

1. Only raid leader or person that is assigned to it may view or loot any corpse. No one is allowed to do that until is clearly asked to do it. Violation of this rule will be punished: -5gp for looting, -3gp for viewing.

2. Attacking without signal to atack will be punished by -3gp.

3. Spamming raid chat during bidding and/or complaining about any case concerning who is bidding and what item will be punished by -5gp. Decision about who can bid item usable for more than one class is made during raid by raid leader. This rule is temporary rule untill we implement 2 DKP tables.

4. Being AFK for more than 5 minutes without informing Raid Leader means kick from raid. However any raid memeber can inform RL that for some important reasons he have to be AFK, it can't take longer than 10 min ONCE. Next time after 5 min with or without notification that person will be kicked and replaced by backup member.

5. All classes who need water and food have to push mages for it before raid - at meeting point. Asking for it in the middle of the raid is treated as delaying and may be punished by -1gp. The same situation concerns classes who can buff others - frequent delaying with buffing other raid members who need it may be punished by -1gp.

Guild Fund reward

5gp each week for 15 gold


5p each week for important trade good (3xArcane Crystal, 3xArcanite Bar, 3xMooncloth, 3xCured Rugged Hide)

Grimkeeper character will be checked every sunday and all donations from whole week will be calculated and points will be updated for each member.

Other GrimPoint rewards

Chieftain and Warlords have right to reward the member with up to 5 points for contributing clan in a special way like donating the most valuable resources on daily basis, donating the most valuable items for other clan members etc. To avoid unclear sitiations such a reward will be first announced on guild chat so everyone could judge if it's right or wrong. If majority feels its right he/she will be rewarded with bonus GrimPoints.

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